What is eSPM

What is eSPM?

Supplier Performance Monitoring for the Electric Power Generation facilities in North America. Quality and security are paramount in the nuclear industry, and your company must comply with regulations and follow established quality assurance procedures. ETHANY’s Supplier Performance Monitoring (eSPM) service monitors supplier performance to reduce the cost of managing risk while driving continuous improvement that increases operational efficiency. ETHANY’s Supplier Performance Monitoring service consolidates receipt inspection information from over 50% of the Electric Power Generation facilities in North America to give subscribers a complete picture.


Below are a number of the many benefits you'll receive when you sign up with eSPM.

Joint Supplier Corrective Action

ETHANY hosts an annual Supplier Corrective Action Forum, each member volunteers to perform Joint Supplier Corrective Action on Common Nuclear Suppliers who need additional encouragement regarding their Supplier Performance. Direct contacts and follow ups are made with the Supplier’s Quality Assurance Manager to discuss and obtain Corrective Action. It works!

Reduced Costs

Each deficiency generated will cost on average about $1,000 to process; adding an additional $1,000 for each deficient receipt. Most nuclear plants generate 300 Supplier Responsible Deficiency Reports at receiving inspection each year. With eSPM membership most have seen $150,000 cost avoidance in the first 2 years.

Power in Numbers

Track a supplier’s performance across the entire industry, provides additional insight into the supplier’s complete track record and any outstanding issues.

Smart Procurement

Buyers can make the best choice for delivering the quality required with the ability to select suppliers with the best overall performance by commodity.

Easily Identify Reliable Suppliers

Minor quality issues can result in big fines or even a shut-down, so be safe, stay in compliance and mitigate risk for employees, customers and the environment by using eSPM to help ensure the purchase of high quality materials from reliable suppliers.

Information is King

The reports help members manage supplier audits, NUPIC audits and Utility Source Surveillance audits. Members will be able to determine whether they need to issue supplier corrective action notices, and will have insight into supplier quality performance across a range of commodities.

KPI Monitoring

Increase your organization’s performance, reduce costs and improve overall quality. You gain insight into every supplier’s performance, even on orders from other utilities, and across a wide range of commodities. 50 KPI specific deficiency codes are identified in the reports including overage, shelf life, late delivery, materials, dimensions, wrong parts, plus a whole array of documentation issues.

Supplier Insight

Membership provides supplier insight, giving every member a more comprehensive understanding of a supplier’s true performance.

Dedicated Support

We are always here to answer your questions and with any technical support you may require.

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Monitor Your Supplier Performance

Meets or exceeds NRC requirement for monitoring supplier performance and helps members identify Poor Performing suppliers quickly and easily.

Manages Compliance Audit Information

Using information from the utility audits in conjunction with NUPIC information, members can determine if a Supplier Corrective Action needs to be initiated.

Simple, Secure, Web-based

Simple, Secure, Web-based subscription solution to easily access the information with a web browser. The built-in security ensures that only authorized user’s access members-only data, and the information is protected behind secure firewalls.

Data Analysis Tools

Quality assurance organization, buyers, supply chain, and procurement engineering personnel will benefit greatly by having data analysis tools immediately available.

Multiple Ways to Upload Your Data

Methods for Data Submission, subscribers can send data electronically for processing, upload spreadsheet directly using the data load wizard, or utilize our API service to automate the data submission.

Member Specific Information

Gain insight into your own supplier performance.

eSPM Members Combined Analytics

See how you are doing compared to all utilities in eSPM as a whole.

Supplier Performance Grading

All suppliers are graded using specific criteria so you can identify your Top Performing and Poorest Performing suppliers faster and easier.

Supplier Portal

Let your suppliers see EXACTLY what issues they are having - safely and securely. Suppliers only see THEIR data. Never any of their competitors.

How it's Utilized?

Some examples how utilities are using eSPM.

eSPM reports are used during various Utility Audits, Source Surveillances, and Evaluations. It is one of the important tools a utility can have to seek Supplier Corrective Action, help Buyers make the best possible choices in purchasing, and assist Procurement Engineering with Commercial Grade Procurement challenges. When you really want to know how the Quality Performance of products you are receiving for your facility stacks up with the industry, or Supplier’s Quality Performance standing by a given Commodity, or exactly how well a given Supplier’s Performance is indicated by the Inspection Data, eSPM is right for you.

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